Our Combines provide players with a comprehensive evaluation. Their combine scores, video, photos and results are entered into a player database accessible by you and all Division 1, Division 2 and Junior College Football Coaches. More »


Our 4rd annual golf tournament will be held Saturday April 25, at the MetroWest Golf & Country Club in Orlando, Florida. We are hoping to field as many as 144 golfers. More »


The Golden Ticket Bus Tour speaks for itself. This year while on the Tour we will be visiting the White House. All prospective athletes should have a core G.P.A of 2.5. More »

Leadership Academy

We will be using Core Character Development for all our athletes. The most important aspect of the Leadership Academy is this series of lessons. More »



The mission of Top Recruits Now Foundation is to help high school student athletes to obtain college scholarships by Exposure (College Bus Tours), Evaluation ( Film Evaluation), and Enrichment( Parent Seminars) . Through our various partnerships we are able to prepare youth through programs that include college camps, awareness seminars for student and parents, and SAT/ACT  preparation.

The TRN professionals are comprised of individuals that have been through the recruiting process from all points of view: as a player, as a parent, as a coach, and as a recruiter. They know what it takes to be a collegiate athlete, and they know what the colleges are looking for. Using this information and the tools TRN offers, student athletes and their parents can put the power in their hands to get noticed by the colleges they are most interested in attending.

Parents and student need to take an active role in the recruiting process and learn to properly market themselves. Recruiting is not a spectator sport, you cannot sit on the sideline and wait for the school to find you. The reality is the colleges may not know you are out there.  TRN services allows you to target the schools you are most interested in, and provide to the colleges the information they need to properly evaluate whether you are a good fit for their program

It is our hope that we can work together to build a partnership that will continue to fulfill the shared mission and vision of student enrichment in athletics and education.