Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete 2013-2014

Prospects should sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to, or at the beginning of their junior year.  A college is more likely to extend a scholarship to a player that has already registered with and been approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Sign up for ACT or SAT testing at the following websites:

Top Recruits Now suggestions for Parents/Guardians

1. Prioritize Academics:

The days of student-athletes gaining college admission without demonstrating a firm commitment to academics no longer exists. We suggest implementing weekly progress reports since many school districts provide on-line access to monitor classroom performance. If this option is unavailable in your school district, proactively communicating (typically by e-mail) with his/her teacher should create an open line of dialogue throughout the academic year.

2. Freshman Year:

Grades, Grades, Grades are what we recommend you focus on.  You should make sure that your child has nothing less than 3.0 Core G.P.A.   Find your student athlete a qualified trainer to begin to assist them in the sport of choice.  Start to attend football combines, basketball skills camps, or track and field AAU events.

3. Sophomore Year:

Grades, Grades, Grades, it is important to still emphasize grades.  No matter what sport you are in at the end of your sophomore year you should be going to every camp and combine you can if your talent level is ready.  If you are a sophomore and you played varsity get your highlight film made.

4. Junior and Senior Year:

Make sure you have a highlight film made at the end of your junior year and put it on YouTube so you can just send link for coaches to review.

Since most schools begin recruiting potential student-athletes following their junior year, it is important to have game film. While most coaches willingly offer to produce highlight films or game film.  Some coaches do not give their players game film, if your student-athlete has a coach who does not want to provide game footage, we will refer you to special videographers that can record your student-athlete’s performance throughout the season.

Note: If your student-athlete is a senior we encourage you not to get discouraged if he/she is not being heavily recruited by college athletic programs. If you get a highlight film done you can order a CD-Rom with every coach in the country to send your child’s highlight film to.

Please remember that parents cannot control their student-athlete’s playing time or athletic ability. However, you can influence the level of effort he/she invests into their curriculum; thereby ensuring they don’t forfeit potential scholarship offers.