Combine tests consist of body measurements, physical tests and position-specific drills. Physical tests are used to determine a player’s size, speed, quickness and strength. Position drills allow players to demonstrate their ability in fundamental skill areas necessary for their position.



• Height
o Measured to 1/8th-of-an-inch.
• Weight
o Measured to the nearest pound.
• Reach Measurement
o Highest reach is measured with one arm fully extended overhead (dominant arm).

• 40 Yard Dash
o Each player runs twice. One Time is Laser and the other time is hand time. Both times are recorded for each run.
• 20 Yard Short Shuttle (5-10-5)
o The 20 yard short shuttle is a measure of quickness. Each player is timed twice, once to the left and once to the right. Both times are recorded.
• Vertical Jump
o The vertical jump is a measure of lower body strength. The test is conducted using a Vertical measuring device. Each player jumps twice. The highest jump is scored.
• PowerBall or 185 Pound Bench Press
o The Powerball or Bench Press is a measure of upper body strength. Bench Press each player completes as many repetitions as possible. The Powerball each player gets 2 throws measured in how many feet thrown.

• Quarterback
o QB’s throw to TE’s, RB’s and WR’s during 1-on-1 pass coverage.
• Running Back/Linebacker
o RB’s run routes against LB’s in 1-on-1 pass coverage.
• Tight End
o TE’s run routes against LB’s in 1-on-1 pass coverage.
• Wide Receiver/Defensive Back
o WR’s run routes against DB’s in 1-on-1 pass coverage.
• Offensive/Defensive Line
o OL/DL perform agility drills and 1-on-1 pass block vs. pass rush.