Top Recruits Now was created to assist young high school student athletes with obtaining a college football scholarship by making sure the colleges get the information on prospective student athletes.

We have developed to solutions to assist the college coach with finding the quality student athletes.  To better assist you we have come up with a Standard and Deluxe Rate Program:

Standard Program – $249

You, the coach are able to get our database of student athletes for a fee of $249 This will include Name, Height, Weight, Positions, Schools, and the athlete’s high school coaches information so you can make contact.   We will email you an excel spreadsheet with all the above information.

Deluxe Program – $499

The Deluxe Program has everything that the Standard Program has except we provide verifiable football combine data (40yrd dash, 20 yard shuttle, bench press, etc) along with our players analysis on the student athlete.  We also provide and what level of college we feel the player is D1,FBS, Div. II, etc.  If the student athlete has provided us with a copy of his transcript then we will also give you his SAT/ACT scores along with his GPA.

Click HERE to view a sample athlete report

Click HERE to view sample player profile report

Register by filling out the form below.  After you register an invoice will immediately be sent to you.  Once payment is received, your login name and password will be e-mailed to you if you  purchase the Deluxe Program.  If you purchase the Standard Program we will provide an email with everything that package covers.

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